From Inspiration To Inklination

Every writer is a manipulator of language. I take letters and words and sentences and mash them together, break them apart, add, jumble, erase and rearrange them. And then I do it all over again. I do it to convey an idea, generate a conversation, be informative, provide context, make someone laugh, make someone think. Tell a story.

Profile, hard news, enterprise, health, A&E, education and human interest are some of the story categories I have crafted articles for. Every day is a learning experience: I fully enjoy taking a subject or topic that I have little or no knowledge about and researching it, interviewing sources and finding different angles to generate my own understanding and translate the ideas, themes or news of the story to readers. I welcome the challenge and relish in creating the words to provide perspective for another.

Additionally, I am vigilant in correct grammar, syntax, AP style, appropriate transitions and creating or editing overall article flow. Editing articles, newsletters, essays and other publication material is fun for me. I have edited documents from higher education material to a science book manuscript.

My interests and personal experiences have shaped my knowledge and skills in a variety of sectors. Cooking, home-brewing and wine education give insight to flavor and aromatic matrimony. International travel instilled perspective and cultural awareness, and is something that never fails to fascinate me. Other endeavors, such as heavy-bag boxing, vegetable gardening, receiving my EMT certification and DIY home projects provide exciting challenges and stimulating learning curves. A passion for the outdoors and adventure come as second nature growing up in the foothills of Colorado.

As an independent writer, I act to interpret story ideas from my clients and compose well-written, well-sourced and well-rounded articles for their readers. Words can be the most powerful form of communication. Or the most blasé. It’s all about how they are tethered together. 

I strive to create the former.

– Melissa Schaaf



A writer’s real work is the endless winnowing of sentences,
The relentless exploration of possibilities,
The effort, over and over again, to see in what you started out to say
The possibility of saying something you didn’t know you could. 
Verlyn Klinkenborg, Several short sentences about writing



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