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Published Articles for The Iliff School of Theology

*The Iliff School of Theology is a higher education learning institute located in Denver, Colo. Articles include profile stories of current students, alumni and faculty, summaries of special lectures, and event coverage.

Religion: strange, messy, confusing, intellectually stimulating
What is Religion? That is the question Iliff professor Jacob Kinnard tries to dissect during a lecture series at the university.

Parallels between economics and theology provide stunning connections
During a lecture comparing religion and economics, Iliff adjunct professor R.J. Hernández-Diaz presents three distinct parallels between them, including faith, supremacy and an eschatological, or final answer or outcome.

Iliff education shapes social leader’s path
Marie Marchand, Iliff alumna, attributes much of her success and career accomplishments to the education she received at Iliff. She has worked in social justice for non-profits with the goal of changing lives for the better.

Replacing fear with knowledge: A closer look at the Muslim faith
As a doctoral candidate in religious studies at Iliff specializing in Islamic studies in the Eastern Mediterranean, Erica Ferg spoke during a lecture series on  U.S. law and public policy regarding Islamic social customs and the body of Islamic legal traditions known collectively as the Sharia and how they are perceived in western cultures. 

From disaster recovery to weekly sermons: Second career pastor leads in many ways
Pastor Emily Flemming discusses her second career path and how Iliff has helped her get there. She also leads much of the flood recovery efforts in Boulder County despite being a victim of the September 2013 flood herself.

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