The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Sisterhood_of_the_shrinking_jeansPublished Articles For The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

*Short, casual, blog posts on the health, fitness and nutrition world. My author page can be found here.


The basics of foam rolling April 27, 2014
Simply stretching isn’t always the best way to relieve muscle tightness and prevent muscle soreness. Foam rolling can be used on muscle groups and trigger points before or after workouts to ensure muscles are fully released.

The importance of cross training Sept. 7, 2013
Whether you’re a runner, swimmer or biker, it’s important to include cross training into your weekly workout routines. Cross training with alternate workouts can improve strength, speed and agility.

The voice inside: “Fat Talk” among women June 22, 2013
In a culture and society that has very specific requirements for a ‘perfect body,’ people compare themselves to those iconic images. As a result, body bashing, or fat talk, among friends and acquaintances can occur, focusing on the negative instead of body image positivity.

Mind games: Anxiety’s mental and physical toll Feb. 16, 2013
Everybody worries. It’s the constant worrying or anxiety that can have negative effects on the body’s physical and mental states.


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